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More silly pay-to-play email ideas

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday March 28, 2006 )

First “GreedMail”, now this.

A company has come up with the idea that instead of email marketers and companies being charged per piece of email sent to consumers without filtering applied, they should instead be charged for each email that’s rejected by the consumer. My jaw really hit the floor when I read more about how the concept is implemented.

The company wishes to introduce software to ISP’s which can detect whether the sender has “insured” (my term) each email, for usually about 5 cents per piece. Messages that carry the insurance are sent directly to the recipient, bypassing spam filters. If the recipient accepts the message, no charge. If a recipient doesn’t want the message, they just click a button to “reject” a message and the recipient keeps the nickel.

And guess which ISP is interested in the technology? Rumor has it that it’s AOL, as an adjunct/alternative to the other email marketing ransom scheme they are implementing. Sheesh.

Surely I’m not the only who can see massive problems with this. AOL users are absolutely notorious for filing false spam reports even after double opt-in processes; imagine them having financial incentive added to a “one-click reject” button – my goodness. I’m not clear on whether the ISP gets some sort of financial incentive too; i.e. a share of the spoils.

I’m not even going to bother naming the company behind this little caper; I don’t want to give them the publicity – just keep your eyes peeled and ear to the ground on this one.

You may be thinking:

“but hang on, if this only applies to marketeters and companies who want the ability to reach consumers without filters being involved , we’ll still be able to send marketing messages without this option, right?”

That’s true enough; but my concern is that once these kinds of systems are in place, the temptation will be for ISP’s to tighten up existing spam filters, forcing marketers into pay for play.

This is not the answer to the woes of spam and if the idea starts gaining ground – scream at whomever you can to ensure the concept dies the quick death it deserves.

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