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Email marketing metrics report

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday October 30, 2007 )

Here’s a brief round up of an interesting analysis of over a quarter of a billion opt-in email newsletters and promo blurbs sent by over 3,000 merchants and organizations.

MailerMailer based these results on email campaigns sent via their mailing list service between January and June 2007.

Among their findings:

– Emails sent on weekends or early in the week achieved higher open rates, with Mondays being the best and Wednesdays/Fridays having the poorest results.

– Newsletters and blurbs sent on Tuesdays gained the highest click rates

– Emails that had personalized subject lines and contents had better open/click rates.

– HTML and text messages achieved around the same click rates.

– Subject lines under 35 characters had the higher open rates

– Most recipients will open email within a few hours of delivery

– The Banking/Finance sectors had the highest open rates and Wholesale/Distribution the lowest.

You’ll probably see a lot of conflicting information around about the best day to send out email. I feel it really boils down to your own audiences, which not only differ sector to sector, but site to site – so don’t feel locked in by what some of these surveys say; experiment a little. I ran a newsletter mailout in connection with another site recently on a Friday, using a rather bland subject line similar to the previous mailing – and had the best open rate for that newsletter so far.

So much comes into play with open rates – if your previous newsletters and mailouts haven’t had a good response, it may be that a history has been established whereby the subscribers just aren’t particularly interested; they just gloss over anything from you. One killer subject line mightn’t be enough to to turn the tide; you’ll need to persist and match the expectation built up in the subject line in your newsletter content.

Aside from the well presented and detailed stats, the MailerMailer Email Marketing Metrics Report has some handy tips scattered throughout – you can download it here (PDF – 4.4 meg)


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