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Email marketing survey report

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday September 14, 2006 )

In a recent survey of 400 businesses consisting of a mix of totally online and bricks and mortar stores, it was revealed that while the majority of respondents spent 5% or less of their marketing budget on email marketing, a quarter stated over 11% of their sales were generated through email campaigns.

Over 50% of those participating in the Internet Retailer Email Marketing Survey reported having opt-in lists of fewer than 50,000 email addresses.

Other key findings from the survey:

– A quarter of the retailers send between 4 and 8 marketing mailouts a month

– 20.8% reported an email open rate of 5% or less

– Nearly 29% experience click-through rates of between 6% and 15%

– The majority of respondents reported sales conversion rates of between 1% and 10%

– There are still many retailers unable to track open, clickthrough and conversion rates; approximately one fifth.

– Nearly 56% handle their email campaigns, including sending, internally.

– Over 75% of retailers do not plan to expand their numbers of email marketing staff over the next year.

– 54.7% segment their lists into various demographic categories to allow for more targeted campaigns.

– Over 57.4% stated that sales from e-mail marketing have improved since last year and are a larger proportion of total sales compared to 12 months ago.

Read more of the Internet Retailer Email Marketing Survey report.


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