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Email marketing like it’s 1999

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday January 22, 2008 )

So states a recent report on email marketing – while advanced features such as segmentation and targeting have evolved to a point of being easily within the grasp of every email marketer, many missed the opportunity to involve subscribers with their brands and product offers this holiday season. That’s high falutin’ talk for attracting customers and selling stuff I believe :).

The Return Path Fourth Annual Holiday Email Consumer Survey also found over half of respondents claiming to receive high volumes of “junk” email from marketers. But junk email isn’t spam – it was defined as “email from companiesI know but that is just not interesting to me.”

A third also said that marketers email them more frequently than promised; and they don’t hesitate to report these emails as spam. When asked, “How do you typically act when you no longer want to receive email from a company?” 28.5% never used a spam reporting feature, 37.0% sometimes used it and a whopping 13.9% said they always use it – youch.

Nearly 50% of consumers are also actively filtering mail to block out communications from specific senders.

Some of the factors influencing open rates:

Know and trust the sender – 59.1%
Subject line contents – 45.2%
Preview window caught my attention – 24.2%
Free shipping offer – 20.2%

Only 29% took advantage of email offers during the holiday season – well down on the 49.1% during 2006. In fact, in all 6 areas where the question “How did you use email in your holiday shopping this year?”; participation rates were well down.

Most consumers (77.9%) noticed an increase in email this season – and 13.0% even said the increase was “overwhelming.”

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