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Email Marketing statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday April 25, 2008 )

Email marketing definitely works – half of respondents in a recent survey made an online purchase in the previous year as a result of permission based email marketing (PEM).But..

…before you hit your mailing list with barrage of messages, note that nearly a third of people surveyed reported having stopped doing business with at least one company for poor email practices. Spam is in the eyes of the beholder.. or in this case; recipient. Joe Surfer doesn’t know or care about the CAN SPAM Act – spam to him is just email he doesn’t like.

Marketing Vox has a very nice roundup of current facts and figures relating to email marketing – a statistic that suprised me is consumers spend 21 percent of email time with PEM email messages. They are certainly taking interest in what marketers have to say – if it gets to their inbox anyway.

The Marketing Vox article quotes figures from Lyris that state 18 percent of permission-based email messages sent to US-based ISPs wind up in junk/bulk mail folders.

Email marketing is part art, part science and part luck – it’s certainly not straightforward given the short attention span folks have, particularly when it comes to their inbox and all the blocks getting your email to that inbox don’t make life any easier.

Deliverability issues are a nightmare for most email marketers – you can never be quite sure if your message is getting through to everyone; but I’ve published some email deliverability tips here that can help your blurb reach its destination. Even if it does, will the recipient open it? Here’s some subject line tips. Now, after all that, will the recipient see what you want them to; particularly when it comes to images? – here’s some helpful email image hints.


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