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Email marketing is alive and well

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday December 22, 2005 )

According to DoubleClick’s 6th Annual Consumer Email Study, email has become an even more important part of people’s lifestyle than it was a year ago.

57% of 1,000 respondents that took part in the study view work emails at least occasionally during their business hours and almost as many view work email at home on weeknights and weekends. Heh, so much for technology giving us more leisure time ;).

48% of people surveyed check their personal email accounts at work least once a day and 21% do so on an ongoing basis.

For marketers, DoubleClick states that the concept of there being a specific time of day when consumers should be contacted is now somewhat questionable.

Nearly 50% of respondents had at least 3 email accounts and 72% have a “favorite” email address through which they conduct the majority ecommerce transactions. The average life span of an email address was stated to be 4-6 years and 66% of those surveyed had never changed their email address. Interestingly, free email addresses were stated to be valued highly.

Spam was reported to still constitute the bulk of email, but there has been a drop from just over 45% in 2002 to 30.3% in 2005.

Just on a side note, it’s my firm belief that spam has not actually dropped by any means, it has actually increased – it’s just that consumers are increasingly being buffered by anti-spam filtering services put in place by their web hosts and ISP’s, or through their use of a third party filtering service. Regardless of what the Feds may say, I think the CAN-SPAM act has done diddly squat in terms of the overall war against spammers.

According to DoubleClick, it also appears that spam is less of a concern these days and people are growing more tolerant of it. In order of concern level:

– Viruses
– Identity theft
– Spyware
– Scams
– Spam

An important flag in the DoubleClick study for those who engage in email marketing is that almost 50% of those surveyed stated that opt-in email communications that were sent to them too frequently or that they felt were no longer relevant were also regarded as spam.

Marketing and other legitimate communications winding up in bulk folders is always a major concern for list owners, but it appears that almost half of respondents check their bulk email folders regularly. Many of those people reported finding non-spam items in their bulk folders.

Email marketing is definitely not dead. DoubleClick also reports that:

  • 78% of respondents have purchased as a result of an email
  • 59% have used an email coupon in a store
  • Almost 33% have clicked on an email link and purchased immediately
  • Around the same number have returned to a store at a later date and made a purchase.

Trust in terms of branding was also highlighted as an important purchase decision factor in relation to email marketing.

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