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Email marketing scorecard

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday May 9, 2007 )

How does your email marketing stack up? Forrester Research applied its review methodology to over 60 companies and the vast majority failed – and these were the big guys they reviewed.

The report, The Best And Worst Of Email Marketing In 2006, provides you an insight into their scoring methodology, recommendations for improvements and also provides a free scorecard where you can assess your own email marketing systems.

Of the issues, the ones needing most improvement were:

Registration. Nearly half of the campaigns they reviewed failed to try and capture leads from the company’s home page

Subject lines. Over 50% of the campaign emails didn’t entice the user to open the email

Message layouts. Less than 20% passed basic usability requirements

Footers. 20% lacked a physical address or unsubscribe link required to comply with the CAN-SPAM act.

You can download the free report and scorecard for self-evalution here.


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