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Get creative with email images

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday May 2, 2009 )

Here’s an interesting idea that could boost your email marketing related conversion rates.

Email promotions can be a bit dry at times. Due to compatibility issues with various email clients and security aspects; Flash items can’t be embedded, nor can scripts – including javascript.

Simple HTML is the way to go. Even using images in email can be a challenge; particularly since many people block images.

For those that do allow images to display, here’s a suggestion to make your email campaigns a little more alive and may even encourage the image blocking folks to click through.

Lets say you have a sale on for pink flombles – and you only have a limited stock. In a normal promo email, you can create a stronger call for action by saying “only 200 in stock – hurry!” instead of just “limited stock”. Let’s take that one step further.

Using images that reference back to your server instead of embedded in the email itself; you can update an image over a period to reflect how many you have left.

For example: “At the time of you opening this email, we only have have this many flombles left at this price: (image with product count)”

The first time someone opens the email; they’ll see 200 – if they open it again a little later on, they might notice the stock count has dropped. Someone who opens the email for the first time a few days after the original send will also see a reduced level.

For those that do block images, make sure the image links to the landing page on your site; as curiosity might get the better of them.

There’s lots of ways this could be implemented, and all sorts of other possibilities for “dynamic” email images. Go nuts :).


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