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A bright future for email marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday June 2, 2008 )

While it’s one of the oldest forms of communication on the Internet, email’s not going anywhere soon – for nearly two thirds of US adults, it’s the preferred method of communicating with companies.

What’s more is the same number said they expected to still prefer email five years from now. I certainly find myself buying more these days as a result of email marketing and I find it very convenient to being alerted to special offers via the medium.

This positive outlook for email doesn’t mean to say consumers are suggesting their inboxes are open targets for UCE (unsolicited commercial email), they are much more receptive to opt-in communications and want even more control over that. 88% of respondents surveyed stated they would like increased choice in email subscriptions when it comes to content, frequency, offers and general advertising.

Interestingly, while Emarketer predicts e-mail ad spending in the US will increase by 55% by 2012, it will drop to only 1.5% of all online ad spending in 2012; mainly due to other forms of online marketing being vastly more expensive by comparison.

So, if some young upstart in your company is saying “Email’s just so Web 1.0” and looking to cut back the email marketing budget in favor of other forms of online advertising; point your boss to this summary on Emarketer.

It’s one of the challenges of working with bleeding edge technology I guess, old is often equated to ineffective simply because it’s been around for a few years. Email, and email marketing is here to stay in a big way for the foreseeable future.


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