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Email Marketing Epic Fail

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday February 21, 2012 )

An Australian company’s recent email marketing campaign provided some very important lessons – among them, possibly how a suitably equipped victim of spam who has had enough of unsolicited email could retaliate.

The day started out like any other – spam, spam, spam, legit message, spam and more of it. Then a colleague flagged a solicitation that had been sent to both of us from a local company offering social network promotion solutions.

The reason it piqued my colleague’s interest is that on visiting the site, he found it had been defaced!

So, while this mob had been cranking out crap, someone took a crap on their site’s file base. My colleague commented in a reply to them that they might have been better off using their “mad skills” to monitor their own site.

What are the chances of something like this happening? Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it wasn’t.

Either way, that company’s email will surely be remembered for anyone who bothered to take any notice of it – but for all the wrong reasons.

I think there’s three lessons in this.

1. While the temptation to send out unsolicited email can be very tempting; it can often backfire. A hack is a rather extreme response of course; but even the return hate mail can really take the shine off your day.

2. Disaster planning. Let’s say this was a coincidence and you sent out a major campaign to people who actually chose to be on your list. For them to be welcomed by such a situation when visiting your site could do a lot of damage to your brand. It can certainly impact on trust and people’s willingness to part with their cash; even if your payment systems are via a third party processor.

Do you have a backup of your site? Do you know how to restore it quickly? Are you able to fix a simple defacement?

3. Campaign monitoring. Setting campaigns on autopilot can save a lot of hassle, but someone should be around to keep an eye on things and to halt the send if possible if something goes pear-shaped in a big way.


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