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Email Marketing Benchmarks – 2012

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday April 23, 2013 )

How does your email marketing open rates and CTR’s stack up against others? Some insights here.SilverPop’s 2013 Email Marketing Metric Benchmark Study reveals the following average unique open rates during 2012.

Overall: 19.7%
U.S.: 18.9%
Europe, the Middle East and Africa: 19.6%
Canada: 24.2%
Asia Pacific: 31.5%

Median unique open rate:

Overall: 17.1%
U.S.: 16.5%
Europe the Middle East and Africa: 17.4%
Canada: 23.8%
Asia Pacific: 27.2%

Before you dance for joy or feel horribly depressed, bear in mind open rates vary wildly from sector to sector.

With regard to click-through rate (number of unique clicks on links divided by the number of delivered email
messages) averages :

Overall: 3.6%
U.S.: 3.3%
EMEA: 3.3%
Canada: 5.8%
Asia Pacific: 7.1%

.. and median:

Overall: 2.3%
U.S.: 2.2%
EMEA:  2.4%
Canada: 2.7%
Asia Pacific: 4.5%

Again, there are major variations depending on the industry category.

A few other snippets:

Unsubscribe rate (overall) – 0.25% mean, 0.17% median
Message size (overall) – 18.3kb mean, 15.9 kb median
Hard Bounce rate (overall) – 2.2% mean, 0.8% median

This study was based on messages sent by 2,787 brands from 40 countries throughout all of last year.

Something I would have liked to have seen is the figures broken down for single vs. double opt-in. It would be reasonable to assume the top performers were working with double opt-in lists. Anyhow, it’s still an interesting report, which can be viewed in full here (PDF) – it includes some industry sector data.


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