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Email marketing and Flash

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday January 12, 2006 )

I’ve got to admit, I have *never* considered using Flash in an email marketing campaign; it’s just never sprung to mind…. but it appears that some do.

If this is something you have ever considered, you might want to check out the results of a report from Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor used the default Macromedia code in their creatives, no Flash detection via JavaScript because it would be have been blocked.

Their campaign was tested on the following email clients and services:

Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora 7, AOL 9, Lotus Notes, Mac Mail, Eudora 6, Entourage, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail (beta) .

The outcome:

The *only* client that successfully displayed the content was Mac Mail.

So I guess not much more needs to be said :). If your boss or client ever starts pushing for Flash content in email campaigns, say nothing except to send them the link to Campaign Monitor’s test.


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