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Email campaigns – best day myth

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday August 15, 2006 )

A report released yesterday states that Saturdays and Sundays recently scored the highest open rates for email marketing materials and that Thursday and Sunday had the best click-through rates.

This is the last time I’ll be reporting “best day” open and click-through rates for email; and here’s why.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen *every* day being reported at some stage by some company as being the best day for both of these metrics :). The best day to send out your marketing materials and newsletters is well, the day that you’ve found works best – don’t be too swayed by studies. Experiment and see what works best for you; or research on day success rates in your *specific* sector rather than results from fairly generalized studies.

The best days really depends on your specific audience. When you’re testing, don’t just try each day once and lock yourself in based on the results; try different days repeatedly and also take into account issues such as the season or current world events that may distract recipients, or for that matter spur them on.

I suggest not jumping days while testing; e.g. from a Monday to a Friday send; the reason being that people do tend to be creatures of habit and those who look forward to your communications may not notice it being one day “late”, but a couple of days outside what they’ve grown accustomed to being the norm may cause some issues; especially if you do weekly mailings.

Something you could try is to ask the people on your list the day that they prefer receiving your emails. It’s a quick question you could throw in to a general survey.

What is very important is being able to measure the success of your email campaigns and newsletter sendouts; both open and click rates, otherwise you’ll really only be guessing as to what works best. I’ve outlined a few tips in these two articles:

Click tracking software and tips

Gauging email open rates

Having said all that, here’s some stats on click and open rates from a recent report from eROI on Q2 2006 in case you’re interested:

Open rates:

Sunday: 37.1%
Monday: 35.1%
Tuesday: 33.6%
Wednesday: 33.4%
Thursday: 33.5%
Friday: 32.7%
Saturday: 38.3%

Click rates

Sunday: 5.2%
Monday: 5.2%
Tuesday: 5.0%
Wednesday: 4.8%
Thursday: 5.2%
Friday: 4.4%
Saturday: 5.4%

You can read more of the eROI email marketing study here – there’s some other interesting information in the report, so it is worth a look.

How about you? Do you notice certain days that don’t correlate with the above are best for your mailings?

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