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Fridays and email marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday April 4, 2006 )

Many believe that Fridays are a bad day for sending email campaigns as recipients’ attention is often on getting the heck out of the office, catching up on work that’s piled up through the week or generally just heading into cruise mode.

Not so, according to a recent survey which shows Friday consistently had the best average open rate for the period October 2004 through November 2005.

The study wasn’t by any means a small one. ExactTarget’s research included data from over 4,000 organizations and 2.7 billion email messages.

Surprisingly, Sundays, while having one of the lowest open rates, had the best click-through rates during 2005, followed by Fridays.

The ExactTarget report does make a couple of very good points to support Friday/Sunday sends . Given that email traffic on those days is generally lighter, people may have more time to spend on examining mail on a per-item basis and less likely to liberally use the delete key to clear their mailbox of marketing materials.

Email send statistics:

– 14.3% of emails are sent on Friday
– 24.5% sent on Tuesday
– 3% on Sunday
– 4.9% on Saturday

ExactTarget also points out that attention to email can be tied in with the seasons. During Summer, people are more likely to be engaged in outdoor activity and less attentive to email than in Winter.

That is, unless you live where I do where it’s not unusual to get around 100 – 105F over summer and the last place you want to be is outside :).

All these studies about the “best days” has my head in a spin. Go on, stop sweating it, send out that email campaign right now :). Don’t look at the calendar, don’t look at the clock; just hit that button :).

But seriously, all these statistics and reports are very interesting and great as guides; but don’t just settle on a “day” to send because of what you’ve read. Experiment with your own lists to see what day and time suits you and your target market best.

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