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Funniest eBay listing ever?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday March 9, 2009 )

A couple of weeks ago I was shown what I thought was the funniest eBay listing I’ve ever seen – it might provide some interesting ideas for other eBay merchants – or ecommerce merchants generally.

The item for auction was an old BMX bike, nothing exciting there – and given the condition probably an item that would be hard to shift these days. The merchant spiced up the ad though and made it quite humorous. Rather than copying or paraphrasing the listing, here’s the link to the ad – check out some of the responses to prospective buyer questions too as he stays in character.

He took puffery (exaggeration), to copy one of his terms, to “rad to the power of sick”. Clever stuff. While exaggeration is all too common in advertising, he’s done it in a way where the reader would know he was having a joke. After all, how many people would believe he did a gnarly stunt trick on the bike that caused a girl to become pregnant just by watching it?

…but then again.

Anyway, as one of the prospective buyers mentioned, this guy should start up a business in creating copy for listings. The ad has been mentioned on hundreds of blogs and generated a lot of buzz. A good opportunity here for eBay merchants with a sense of humor to get some additional free exposure by emulating the approach. Just bear in mind humor and particularly puffery can be a powerful weapon that can jam in the barrel or worse still, blow up in your face. Tread carefully.

Later, gnarly dudes!

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