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Early bird spammers

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday February 2, 2011 )

I hate spammers, but I have to give credit to them at times for their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

I registered a domain name recently for an experiment and created a one page site; well, that’s not really a site I guess.

Anyhow, I’ve just let it sit to see what happens – haven’t mentioned the domain to anyone or linked to it from anywhere.

In under a week, I received an email with the domain name in the subject line. It turned out to be a spam note, recognizing I had just registered the domain name and asking whether I would be interested in learning how to create web pages and generate oodles and oodles of traffic to the new site.

Under normal circumstances I would have screwed my nose up; but I had to smile and utter a quiet “bravo” to the spammer.

When I thought about it, it was a perfectly timed and presented note. Given it was a new registration, my curiosity was piqued by the mention of it in the subject line. Since I had registered the name recently, chances are I was going to build a site and would of course want traffic to it.

If I was new to running a site and not yet saturated by similar spam making these wonderful sorts of claims, I just may have taken them up on it. Successful marketing isn’t just about volume – throwing a bunch of email at a group and hoping some of it sticks (such is the case with normal spam); it’s about delivering a message to the right people at the right time – and this mob certainly did; it was very well targeted spam.

While this early bird spammer may not have caught this jaded worm, I’m sure they’ll catch others.


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