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“Do not track” registry?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday November 1, 2007 )

A “do not call” registry was established here in Australia a while back, and I’d be the first to say that it was a great idea. No more are we plagued with annoying calls during dinner time by people who can hardly speak English; but a “do not track” list for the online world?

A consortium of consumer and privacy advocate groups, including the Center for Democracy and Technology, Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has requested that the FTC implement this new registry in order to, it says, provide “consumer protections in the behavioral advertising sector”.

Behavioral advertising basically establishes the type of topics a consumer may be interested in through tracking surfing habits via the use of cookies and then presents advertising based on those interests – even when on an unrelated site if that site is participating in an ad network using the technology.

Proponents of behavioral advertising state this provides more value to the consumer as they are being shown ads related to their desires and needs rather than random ads, or ones just based on the content of the page they are viewing.

Those against the “do not track” registry idea also state that current tracking technology and standards do not permit data stored in cookies to be personally identifiable to the point that a phone number or address can be connected to a particular user.

Read more of both sides of the story on Adage and the Center for Democracy and Technology press release


1 comment for “Do not track” registry?
  1. I am a bit wary of a “do not track” registry.
    As much as it may help to clean up some of the net’s marketing excesses, I wonder what other results would come out of such a registry’s implementation.
    These things often have tenacles. Perhaps I will feel more comfortable when I understand the workings of internet marketing better than I do now.

    Comment by Ern — November 1, 2007 @ 5:12 pm

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