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New “digg this” linking method

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday July 19, 2006 )

Now that digg, the highly popular user driven social content website, has expanded beyond covering the topics of Technology and added new categories – Science, World & Business, Entertainment, Video, and Gaming; getting “Dugg” is becoming appealing to many more site owners.

What’s the attraction?

Digg can generate *huge* amounts of targeted traffic to a site – and it doesn’t cost a cent. A word of warning though; like being “SlashDotted”; the traffic levels can be so high that it can topple a server if you’re on a shared hosting account – not the best way to stay friendly with your web host :).

All the stories on Digg are submitted by their user community. When a story is submitted, the community of digg users casts a vote (a digg) for your article or story. If your piece receives enough diggs, a summary and link is posted to digg’s home page. Given the millions of users, it’s not too hard to figure out what happens next ;).

So how do you get a story into digg? You can submit them yourself, but if you’re only submitting your own articles, the practice is somewhat frowned upon and it’s unlikely you’ll get noticed.

Like encouraging someone to bookmark your site; the best way to improve your chances of featuring on digg is to suggest it for submission to visitors to your blog. With digg having so many members, there’s sure to be a few digg’ers amongst your own visitors.

Until now, this has been done by creating a simple “Digg this” link that points to the digg submission form:

or using special PHP coding , or with a simple snippet of JavaScript like so:

<a href="javascript:location.href=''+encodeURIComponent(document.location.href)+' '">Digg this</a>

Digg has recently released specifications to allow pre-populating the submission form with a title, description, and topic. Basically, you create a link along these lines: &title=YourStoryTitle&bodytext=YourStoryDescription&topic=SelectedTopicFromList

Try it out – Digg this article. You’ll need to be logged in to Digg.

NOTE – this is just a test, please don’t actually submit the article otherwise when others click on the link, they won’t see how the result looks in the Digg submission form :).

ADDED NOTE July 22 – heh, looks like someone went ahead and submitted it anyway; so here’s a screenshot of what the Digg submission page looked like after clicking the link.

There are some guidelines for what goes where and how – so be sure to read the specifications. If you roll your mouse over the link above, you’ll see it’s a little unweildy, but I’m sure it won’t be long before someone clever creates a plugin – took me a while to do it manually :).

Looking for Digg icons to accompany your link? – download them here (zip file)


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