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Cookies getting tasty again?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday April 28, 2006 )

A bit of good news for marketers after previous years of jittery surfers deleting cookies on a regular basis. A new survey of over 1700 people shows that the majority of consumers prefer advertising based on their interests but not only that, it appears that the their habit of deleting cookies is nowhere near as prevalent as it was in 2004.

When those being surveyed were questions on their cookie deleting habits; only 8% stated “very frequently”. In 2004, that figure was 18%.

24% of the group said that they “never” delete cookies; a substantial increase over 2004 where only 11% identified as being cookie hoarders.

In an indication of further possible consumer preparedness to overcome their fear of cookies and behavioral targeting technology, 63% of the survey group indicated that those involved with Internet marketing should “always” understand their interests before sending them advertising; while 55% advertising which is relevant to them “improves” or “greatly improves” their online experience.

According to the study, savvy respondents seemed to be much less concerned about the use of cookies with 63% of those people happy to click on an advertisement whether or not it utilized cookies.

The survey was sponsored by Revenue Science and conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

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