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Death Of The Company Blog?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday April 24, 2012 )

It appears companies are increasingly turning their backs on blogs in favor of social network sites.

According to a story on USA Today, quoting data from a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth survey, 50% of the 500 fast-growing companies listed by Inc. magazine maintained a blog in 2010. In 2011, that dropped to 37%.

The reasons for abandoning blogs are many – among them; investment of time, having to deal with spam and security issues, or just feeling it’s better to focus activity where a company’s customers hang out; e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

Those supporting blogging point out maintaining a blog is a good way to establish credibility and authority.

There is another really important reason for having a blog in my opinion. Content you post on Facebook and Twitter is certainly useful in promoting your wares, but it’s not on your site and every page of content on your site is another ticket in the search engine rankings lottery.

Recently I published an item that received around 4,000 unique views in its first two days, much of that from Google.

Approaching it Facebook or Twitter style, it would have just been a few words and a link to the resource I was writing about. Instead, people came to the site and didn’t just read the article, but also looked at other pages.

I think a serious mistake businesses make with blogging or even running a news section is making it all about them and sales pitches; a point also mentioned in the USA Today article.

Sure, it’s probably not a wise idea to publish items about your competitors, but there will be various aspects in whatever industry you’re in that your customers and potential customers will find interesting – a blog doesn’t have to be about selling all the time. Or you can just link keywords in your posts to sales pages – let those do the talking instead.

Even if visitors don’t arrive in droves, you may receive an extra bit of love in terms of search engine rankings by expanding your site with related content and additional keyword opportunities.

Company blogs not only provide better brand exposure and search engine ranking opportunities; blogs do generate leads too. It shouldn’t be a case of Facebook/Twitter *or* blogging; try and do both.

Yes, maintaining a blog or news section is a bit of work; but it has other benefits you may not have considered also – it can help pull back the blinkers a bit; get you looking around your sector for news, which may help you in other areas of your business.


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