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Dead Press And News Sections

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday August 30, 2012 )

It really surprises me how many high-profile companies have severely out of date press release sections on their web sites.

Perhaps they can get away with it, but for smaller, relatively unknown businesses, it could leave a bad impression.

Let’s say you’re shopping for an item and go to check out the company’s press/news page. If the last entry is dated 2009, what type of impression does it leave on you?

For me, it tends to show disinterest – perhaps the company isn’t really active any more and the site has become a bit of a ghost town.

It really doesn’t instil confidence in me as a potential customer. One or two other red flags might have me aiming for the back button in my browser.

The same sort of effect can occur if a company’s blog is very stale.

Many companies dive into blogging thinking it will be a panacea of sorts. This mindset was particularly prevalent some years back when blogging became the Next Big Thing.

Then businesses found out keeping a blog fresh can be a little time consuming, or they didn’t get the results they wanted.

The thing is, blogging or keeping a news section up to date doesn’t have to be an onerous chore. Every company has news. New products, new processes, points of view. Posts can also be just general industry news.

Even if a news item isn’t particularly appealing to Joe Consumer, it does still send a signal that the business is alive, and more importantly – kicking; which in turn can help boost consumer confidence.

If even that low level of content is too much for a business to create; leave some sort of indicator on the Press/News/Blog to indicate your company is still active.


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