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Dead affiliate links

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday December 28, 2008 )

Given it’s a relatively quiet period online for many, the holiday break is a great time for some affiliate housekeeping that can translate directly into more cash for you.

Often an affiliate’s focus will be on more – more traffic, more offers. Sometimes though, less can be better if you use the time you’d spend chasing more traffic and offers in some basic tweaking and checking of the products and services you’re promoting.

If you participate in dozens of programs, there’s probably just a handful that are high performing, with the rest generating a sale here and there. However, it’s those intermittent referrals that collectively can amount to quite a bit each year.

The high performing offers probably get most of your attention; but don’t forget to check the links of some of the slower offers. I ran through most of TTB a month or so back and found a few dead links where the merchant had changed affiliate networks and I had forgotten to update those links.

The couple of hours work in locating and updating these links has already translated to hundreds of bucks of commissions I would have missed out on and perhaps thousands of dollars more in the time ahead, so it was definitely worth the effort. In one case, the program had been performing sluggishly even when the link was working, but changes made by the merchant has now turned it into a nice little earner.

If you don’t have time to check your links regularly, consider a service such as Affiliate Link Checker, which has been designed specifically for affiliate marketers. It will check your affiliate links for you and email you if there’s a problem.

Dead links are just one of the many pitfalls of affiliate marketing, learn more in my affiliate survival guide.


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