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Daily deal email strategy

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday May 25, 2007 )

Some larger retailers have adopted sending emails daily to special opt in lists they run – perhaps its and idea worth considering for your online store?

I came across this article on MediaPost about the strategy. While some of the retailers mentioned in the article confined their daily deal email marketing to the holiday season; others have it running on an ongoing basis.

It’s probably something you don’t want to impose on your current lists without their express permission; but perhaps you can send an email to your list explaining the “daily deal” concept and invite those people to subscribe to it as an adjunct to your current newsletter schedule. By starting to run something like this on an unsuspecting email list; you might wind up with a stack of unsubscribes.

The key to a successful daily email appears to be a good offer coupled with a sense of urgency – much like any marketing campaign; but the timeframe for the special offer is usually much shorter; perhaps only as long as a couple of days to allow for those people who don’t check their email daily to grab a bargain.

Some retailers choose not to mention a product or price, just a reminder about the daily deal and a banner/link to click on to see that day’s special offer. Others just showcase a product, but mention no price and the recipient needs to click through to see the price. This gets around the problem of an offer no longer being valid and frustrating the subscriber if they are late in opening the email – they can still buy the product, but they see the regular price.

Thinking about this daily deal strategy, I feel the subject line needs to do most of the marketing. If I was receiving daily emails that simply stated “Wednesday’s special offer”, opening them and then seeing that the offer was for something I really wasn’t interested in – I might lose interest in the subscription. But if the subject line stated the product on offer that day; if I wasn’t interested, no biggie as I didn’t have to move my mouse, open the note and read its contents. It’s an effort vs. reward issue.

That is only my opinion – I haven’t read any statistics relating to this sort of email marketing strategy; so don’t take my word for it :). Still, the daily deal email idea is an interesting one that you may want to explore further – perhaps before everyone else does and the strategy loses its effectiveness.

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