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Quick contextual advertising tip

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday August 29, 2006 )

If you rely on contextual advertising to generate revenue, this easy to implement tip may help you to make a few extra bucks.

Assuming your site and pages are well themed, i.e, the contextual ads that are displayed match your content well, you should be able to attract more attention to the ads by placing a suitable, relevant image of your choice above, beneath or alongside the ad. Here’s an example I just whipped up:

placing images above contextual ads to attract clicks

Place the images into a table cell/s and position them in way that they’ll closely match where the individual contextual ads will appear, whichever format you’re using. Then just place the contextual advertising code into the adjoining (beneath, above, whatever) cell.

It’s a good alternative to using image ad formats provided by some networks. Each site has it’s particular audience that reacts to images in different ways, so using this method, you have control and can experiment with which images work best over time for attracting attention and clicks.

I can’t say that this actually works or wow you with any before and after click figures as I haven’t tried it myself as yet, but if you give it a go I’d be really interested to hear of the result – either positive or negative :). It was just one of those ideas that dawned on me while cruising the web today and *not* noticing how much contextual advertising is out there. I think I must be getting a little blind to it and I was thinking of other ways that attention could be drawn to the text ads.


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