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Conscious consumer report

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday November 13, 2007 )

America’s consumers have sounded a warning to business leaders and marketers looking to jump on the green bandwagon – either back your earth friendly spiels with socially responsible activity to match or face a backlash.

In the first major study of its kind, the BBMG Conscious Consumer report states increasingly consumers are demanding that companies be transparent about their practices and accountable for their impact on people and planet – across every level.

I know this is something I’ve been harping on about for a while now, but I am totally convinced that it’s the future of business and particularly marketing – transparency. This will appeal beyond the people who identify with the labels “socially responsible” and “green” to the average Joe who may not even be aware of what the terms mean. People are just fed up with the empty spin and most folks now have some degree of awareness of just what a mess the planet is in.

The lime/green demographic’s views are just the beginning of a trend that will spread through the general population; and fast, but as the report states – we need to walk the talk. The practice of putting forth a green message while still carrying on with business practices that are particularly damaging to the environment is called “greenwashing”.

According to some of the findings of the inaugral BBMG Conscious Consumer report:

– Americans readily identify themselves as being “socially responsible”, “conscious consumers” and “environmentally friendly”, but the term “green” appears to be more of an exclusive type term

– While price and quality is very important to American consumers (the latter probably helped along by the many product recalls of late); where a product is made, how energy efficient it is and it’s health benefits now eclipse the importance of convenience.

– A vast majority of consumers surveyed said they are more likely to buy from companies who support fair trade and labor practices and commit to environmentally friendly practices if the price and quality of a product is the same.

It’s not just good to go green for the sake of the planet, it’s very good for sales too. See it as a real marketing strategy. No matter how large or small your online business is, there’s simple and cheap things you can do to demonstrate to your customers you have a social and environment conscience – pick up some tips on greening your online business.

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