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Where college students hang online

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday February 27, 2008 )

If you’re targeting your marketing towards college students and need to know where to find them, these recent statistics will be of interest to you.

These figures come from an eMarketer report and there’s no surprise about which site is the no.1 hangout for both males and females aged 18-24; but there are a few other interesting results.

The survey, carried out by Youth Trends on 1012 students didn’t use a multiple choice approach – the favorite sites were chosen unaided.


Facebook – 60%
ESPN – 36%
YouTube – 28%
Google – 28%
CollegeHumor – 16%
Yahoo! – 13% – 11%
Break – 9%
Digg – 9%
Wikipedia – 7%


Facebook – 74%
YouTube – 28%
Google – 28%
Perez Hilton – 16%
CNN – 12%
MySpace – 11%
Yahoo! – 7%
School site – 7%
AOL – 7%
PostSecret – 7%

So Perez is pretty huge among the young ladies it seems and being so big among the college guys is really fascinating. I thought I was odd in my passion for keeping tabs on the weather online!

Another interesting statistic in the eMarketer report, provided by Alloy media, is that 29% of students use the Internet *daily* to research a product or service that they will later purchase offline. 20% use the web daily to purchase goods and services online. Additionally, social networking was listed as a daily activity by 54% of respondents, second only to e-mail.

Ka-ching! There’s certainly cash in them thar young ‘uns!

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