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Click fraud statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday April 29, 2009 )

There’s good news and bad news on the PPC fraud front. The good news is it was a quiet first quarter. The bad news is some particularly sneaky emerging PPC threats.

Last week, Click Forensics released industry pay-per-click (PPC) fraud figures for the first quarter 2009. Among their findings:

– The overall industry average click fraud rate was 13.8 percent for the first quarter of this year; down from 17.1 percent during Q4 2008 and from 16.3 percent rate reported for the first quarter of 2008.

– In the first quarter of 2009, countries outside the USA where the greatest amount of click fraud was originating from were Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

– Click fraud traffic from new malicious scripted programs increased in Q1 2009.

These malicious scripted programs referred to aren’t clickbots. According to Click Forensics, they are simple javascripts that execute when a visitor views what appears to be a normal web page. The script initiates a “Zero-iframe” or off-screen clicks that route the visitor session through an alias referrer website, and on to unsuspecting advertisers who cough up their cash for the phantom click.

The visitor to the zero-iframed page never see the ad or visit the advertiser, and their computer is not compromised in any way; this is just about the offender getting the PPC cash.

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