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Cause marketing – which to choose?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday May 29, 2011 )

A crucial aspect in the success of cause marketing is the cause you choose to support.

If you’re considering getting involved in cause marketing – congrats; do it right and you’ll not only boost your sales, but you’ll get to do some good as well.

With so many causes out there, which do you choose? You’ll likely be passionate about a type of cause; whether it’s environmental, social justice or feeding the hungry – but if you pick the wrong one, it may not help generate business and in that scenario everyone loses. In extreme cases, it may even alienate some of your customers.

An online survey late last year spearheaded by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication of 2,000 Americans ages 18 and over sought to discover what causes were generally well received by the public.

Americans believe that supporting its troops would remain the most prominent social issue or cause in 2011, followed by feeding the hungry and issues related to bullying.

When choosing a cause to support, it’s really important to try and hit the middle-of-the-road in a case where a particular cause may be polarizing; such as supporting a war. Feeding the hungry is probably a “safer” one to choose.

Since the survey was taken back in December, a lot has changed in the world. But certain things don’t change so much in relation to what grabs people’s attention in relation to causes. The survey found the greatest attention drivers were:

– Many people being affected by it
– A timely event or tragedy shedding light on the issue
– Children are impacted by it
– Someone famous being personally affected by it
– Someone famous supporting the cause
– People within your community being impacted by it

Another way to approach your choice is to come up with a few ideas and then run a survey of your current clients to see which of the options they prefer. If there’s a clear standout, chances are it could help you attract even more customers as it appeals to your target client type.

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