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A (repeated) call to action

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday September 16, 2010 )

Whether it’s on page or email marketing, people need to be told repeatedly what to do according to the results of an email marketing survey.

While less may be more in email marketing at times, JangoMail’s survey found 61% of email marketers include three or more calls to action in their messages, with successful email marketers using three or more calls running at 67%.

The key isn’t to say “buy now” three times; it can be something completely different – such as a “buy now”, a “follow us on Twitter”, a “take this short survey” – just something that engages and draws the reader even closer to the company.

You have a much better chance of converting someone who follows you on Twitter than someone who opens an email, takes no action and never reads another one of your email marketing campaigns again for whatever reason.

It’s not critical that you get the sale in the first instance – the 7 exposure rule often applies; i.e. the general rule of thumb that a consumer needs to see a message or brand 7 times on average before they’ll take action – but first you need to get those 7 exposures in.

JangoMail’s survey also found over two thirds of marketers now segment their lists, 86% remove subscribers and 88% use tracking and performance tools such as Google Analytics.

As for the “marketer satisfaction” score, half were usually pleased with the results of their email campaigns, 40% sometimes pleased and 10% almost never pleased. Read into that whatever you like – as is the case with beauty, success is often in the eyes of the beholder.

204 non-customer marketers participated in JangoMail’s survey.


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