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Buzz marketing – simple is good

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday December 19, 2005 )

I love novel ideas that generate “buzz”. The “buzz” factor, executed correctly can drive a stack of people to your online business.

Buzz marketing tactics don’t necessarily have to be complex, they just need to capture the imagination of your target audience. I slap my forehead at least once a day when I see ideas that others have had. Why didn’t I think of that? I really need to exercise my left brain some more.

Here’s a classic example. I came across in my online travels today. Basically, it’s a service where you can schedule an email to be sent to yourself or someone else years from now. The interface is very simple – enter an email address, subject line, the message, set the schedule; done. Over the past couple of years, they’ve received over 120,000 emails to be scheduled.

They will probably also receive a little boost as a result of a popular magazine who they claim copied their idea. How so? Well, word is getting out that they are unhappy. I found out about this site through a mainstream news article that mentioned they were disgruntled about the situation. Smart move.

The guys at FutureMe aren’t greedy (and they make this quite clear) – there’s no ads on the site and you have to dig around in the faq to see the donation spiel. Actually, they have a twist on that as well. They also have a link to their wish lists on Amazon for generous donors who wish to send them gifts. I’m impressed :).

Ok, so let’s stand back from this a little. As someone involved with marketing, do I see potential for squeezing good dollars out of this? For sure! Should they put on Adsense? Nope, not a good idea as there’s no real content for Adsense to accurately generate relevant ads. How about a “list o links” down the side? No, I don’t think that would generate a lot for the advertisers given the focus of the people who land on there – that is, to send an email.

I’m also guessing that the types of people visiting would be from quite a broad demographic, but a big slice would be in the under 30 bracket. So youth oriented sponsorship could be a good way to go, preferably one sponsor prepared to spend a stack of cash for sole coverage. If the sponsor offered some sort of coupon offer, that could work well, especially on a “success” page after submission once the visitor had completed what they came to do.

They are also capturing email addresses :) – my oh my, what a dream :). A regular newsletter with some useful tidbits on project progress accompanied by the sponsors ad could do quite well too. A couple of press releases, a blurb on the sponsor site about the association – pow! Let the buzz begin..

So, if you’re a little right brained at times like I am, keep on the look out for marketing opportunities and ideas like – in fact, why don’t you email them now? I have a feeling that they are going to get real busy, real soon :).

Seeing ideas like this also gives me hope that one night, I’ll wake up screaming “Eureka!” and then rushing to the keyboard to set my dreamed idea in motion.

Side note: I have no affiliation with , just really liked the concept :).


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