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Fake anonymous news tips

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday March 11, 2008 )

A method of promotion that works well is to send authorative resource sites in your industry sector news about your business; but there’s a right and not-so-right way to do it.

I often get “tipped off” by online business owners masquerading as ecstatic consumers extolling the virtues of a brand, product or service. These communications are usually pretty easy to spot and doesn’t set up a good dynamic for motivating me to take a peek at what all the supposed hullaballoo is about – it’s just spin.

It’s my opinion that if you’re excited about your business and you’re looking for coverage, approach a site owner as yourself and tell them why you think your company is newsworthy – try to make a direct personal connection with the person you’re wanting to impress rather than emailing them as John Doe from

.. and don’t forget the WIIFM factor – What’s In It For Me. That sounds a little mercenary, so let me explain.

Resource sites and industry hubs tend to get a lot of requests for coverage. Even here on TTB, some days I’ll get up to a dozen emails wanting reviews or mentions and usually all I have to go on is what the person is telling me. If I want to delve into things further; there’s often a lot of back and forth – all very time consuming.

Given TTB is pretty much a part-time venture for me these days while I work other online projects, I don’t have a great deal of time to spend on these things – a quick scan and if nothing catches my eye; it’s onto the next email – and I’m likely to miss something that may be the “wow!” factor.

A good way to grab someone’s attention is to offer a free sample, a test account, opportunities for revenue share or similar from the get-go. Make mention of it in the beginning of your email. This won’t guarantee coverage, but it will certainly give you a better shot at drawing your target in.

Another method often used for promotion is sending out press releases willy-nilly; and just the release sent out by someone who may not even be formally associated with your business – it’s a shotgun effect. This does work as a good press release can be highly effective, but if you’re really wanting to get coverage on site X; include a personal note at the beginning introducing yourself as the president, proprietor or whomever and how the press release relates to Site X’s topic.


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