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The brand lift of search

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday December 19, 2007 )

A good search engine ranking doesn’t only result in more traffic, but an added dose of credibility a recent study has found.

In the Enquiro Research study commissioned by Google, researchers noticed a significant correlation between companies in the top organic (free) and sponsored ads (Adwords) and conumer affinity, the ability to recall a brand name and purchase intent.

The study found:

– A 16% increase in brand association when the brand is in top sponsored and organic listings

– A 2.2x improvement in aided brand recall for same

– An 8% boost in purchase consideration

– Consumers are less likely to consider purchasing a brand that doesn’t appear in the results page

– Even when searching on a specific brand, presence in organic and sponsored listings further bolsters purchase intent.

What this study is basically saying is that having a top listing on a keyword in the free results is great, but accompanying that with a top paid listing is even better. How convenient for Google – kaching! :). Still, I’m not disputing the results.

Enquiro also states a best practices is to place your brand name in the title, URL, and as close to the start of the description as possible in your ad and organic listings observation. My opinion on this is – don’t make this the focus; not unless you’re a big, well known brand or your page is about that brand. It’s all well and good to rank no.1 for the term “Flomble and Sons”, but if people don’t know the brand, it’s of no value. If you’re selling water tanks, then “Water Tanks – Flomble and Sons” is a better bet for a title tag.

You can download a free copy of the Enquiro Research study here

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