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Blogging revenue option

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday April 13, 2007 )

If you’re into regular blogging, you’ve probably noticed that some of your posts are evergreen and quite popular, while others drop off in views soon after publishing.

These popular posts you’ll want to place particular emphasis on monetizing and if contextual advertising isn’t providing the revenue you’d like, this new service may be worth a look.

Text Link Ads have unveiled their new publisher revenue option called Post Level Ads which should generate substantial interest on both sides of the advertising fence.

Through the service, advertisers will be able to sponsor specific posts on your blog. The ad space will be exclusive to one advertiser, allowing them an 80 character title and 150 character description (so it won’t be an eyesore). As with TLA’s other revenue generation options, publishers will be able to review, accept and reject ads.

The ads will be placed directly at the end of the most popular posts on your blog and each ad will appear on a single page only – if the advertiser wants to extend coverage to other posts on your blog, they’ll need to be purchased separately.

It doesn’t appear that the advertiser marketplace for Post Level Ads is active just yet and currently only WordPress users can participate in Post Level Ads (support for other platforms will be available soon).

Text Link Ads also offer other revenue generation options, including feedvertising for RSS feeds and and a thriving “traditional” text link ad marketplace. Publishers receive 50% of the revenue generated from text link ad sales and TLA handles distribution, promotion, payment processing etc.


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