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Who’s linking to you?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday January 8, 2006 )

Keeping track of who’s linking to you can be a really time consuming task, especially with search engines only updating the information on a fairly irregular basis.

Want to be updated each day of new links from blogs to your site and see how you compare with others? PubSub’s free tools can help! One of the elements PubSubs uses is LinkRank, a method of measuring the robustness, durability, and vitality of links appearing in many millions of sources that the company monitors. Sites are then given a percentile ranking; i.e. how they stack up against other sites they monitor.

LinkCounts is an additional tool that sources data from LinkRanks by counting a site’s inbound and outbound links. All the data from LinkRanks and LinkCounts can then be called up via PubSub’s SiteStats , including *whom* has added links to you each day. You can run a query for your site overall, or a specific page. The reports are very detailed.

If you take PubSub’s tools for a spin, please note that not all sites will have a LinkRank if there’s been no publishing activity for the last month or the feed that’s linking to you isn’t in PubSub’s list. This is easily rectified by adding any feeds you know of to PubSub, which is free. They will then continually monitor those blog feeds. Given the 20 million + feeds that they do monitor, chances are that if it’s out there, they’ve got it – I noticed many *really* obscure blog feeds in some of the reports I ran.

A most interesting free tool – I was also amazed at the number of scrapers and splogs (spam blogs) that create links to Taming the each day – bah – scumbags and parasites; may all their camels stop giving milk and their contextual advertising checks be used as toilet paper by postal staff.


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