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Black Friday morons

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday November 28, 2008 )

Jeez, I *hate* this time of the year. It’s incidents like this that remind me how close we are to our prehistoric, uncivilized roots, how thin a facade civilization is.. and the sometimes fatal impact of marketing.

It’s been reported that earlier today, a worker at Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, New York, died after shoppers broke down doors to get to the Black Friday bargains. It took *several minutes* for other Wal-mart workers to get to the critically injured staffer due to the volume of people.

Anyone who was part of that crowd that jostled, pushed and shoved for poll position – shame on you; may your Xmas truly suck.

To Wal-mart; this death wasn’t the first time a fatality has happened at Black Friday sales. You should know the risks and have taken appropriate precautions. You suck too. I hope this costs you an absolute bucketload in compensation to the family of the worker.

To the marketers who helped whip up such a frenzy – behold the fruits of your labor.

I’ve seen footage of these sales and it’s really disgusting.. akin to starving third world folks rushing UN trucks for food. Except in this case, the goods sought after are crap like flat screen TV’s and other non-essentials. Even outside of the holiday shopping frenzy, when people kill others for a sake of name brand shoes that are really only worth a fraction of their cost, well, it’s all very, very sad and a terrible indictment on what marketing can do – to put such a high value on crap that people will kill each other to get to it.

Black Friday incidents like this are yet another reason for shopping online instead of being in amongst the masses out in the bricks and mortar world. And we call ourselves “developed” countries and “civilized” societies? My, my.


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