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Bigger banner ads coming soon

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday March 11, 2009 )

When the going gets tough in advertising, the claims can become bolder and brasher and in the case of banner ads, they are about to get bigger.

The Online Publisher’s Association has announced the rollout of 3 new creative sizes:

– a 336-by-860-pixel banner called a fixed panel. It’s a skyscraper that will follow users as they scroll down a page.

– a 468-by-648-pixel box called the XXL that will include a an expandable video option.

– the huge 970-by-418-pixel pushdown that will occupy over half a screen before rolling up.

The new mega-banners will not only provide more space for advertisers to pitch the virtues of their products, but also allow for greater interactivity such as video players, lead capture and advertiser content that will be sharable.

The initial participating sites include Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, CBS Interactive, CNN, FOXNews and a ton of other big names. According to the OPA, these sites had a combined, unduplicated reach of 108.3 million visitors, or 66 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience in January. The new creatives will be rolled out by July.

It will be very interesting to see how they are received, particularly the one that follows users down a page. It’s an effective strategy when using popups to increase subscriptions, but in this application it may be rather annoying if not utilized in a similar way.

And to think, folks used to complain bitterly about 468×60 banner ads :). 1996 seems so long ago..

Read more about the new creatives on the OPA site.


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