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Best Time To Post On Facebook

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday September 18, 2011 )

Have you every experimented with posting to your Facebook page at different times of the day to determine if it makes a difference to engagement? For retailers, it might be something worth looking into.

I tend to post to various Facebook accounts I look after at specific times of the day and I hardly vary it in each instance. It has more to do with routine than any sort of marketing nous as Facebook isn’t the centerpiece of my marketing efforts, but I’m going to start mixing things up a bit after reading a recent report.

A statistical review by Buddy Media designed to help retail brands make the most of their Facebook presences offers some interesting insights.

The report says around 89% of Facebook posts by retailers are made during hours when folks are busy (i.e. business hours and shortly before and after); but by shifting posting to between 8PM and 7AM, fans are more likely to see the posts. BuddyMedia’s data shows fans are 20% more likely to engage with retail brand Posts made between 8 PM and 7 AM.

Their study also found user engagement with posts spikes on Wednesdays and Sundays. On “hump day” (Wednesdays) fans engage with Facebook post content 8% more than average.

BuddyMedia also advises retailers should focus on quality, not quantity, when it come to posts. Their data indicates user engagement decreases as retail brand posts increase on a given day. The reports says engagement rates are are 40% higher when there are less than three posts a day from a given brand. “Like” rates also spike (32% higher), as do comment rates (73%) higher.

Bear in mind, BuddyMedia appears to be referring to posts about the brand itself – offers, company news and such. Some retailers post information or stories that are relevant to their industry, but may not necessarily directly involve them and I think that’s a different kettle of fish – still; anything overdone is going to be counterproductive.

Strategies For Effective Facebook Wall Posts contains other interesting findings and advice on topics such as weekly post frequency, post length and boosting engagement.

You can download the free whitepaper here.


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