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Best. advertising campaign. ever.

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday October 10, 2007 )

Spending most of my time out here, I get so jaded by advertising – I’m totally saturated with the stuff. So when an ad catches my eye and I get excited, it’s a big event – in my life anyway ;).

The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty has churned out some killer ads in my opinion.



Pro Age:

Not sure of the name:

..and a couple of other older ads for the Australian market I haven’t been able to find archived anywhere.

They feel real. They talk about making the most of what you have, what’s attainable, instead of something you’ll never likely achieve or experience – and yet, being happy and satisfied with that. They don’t make promises that cannot be delivered on. They leave me feeling warm and fuzzy about the company, heck, even awe.

I particularly admire Dove’s efforts in a cutthroat industry that trades on unrealistic expectations and total and utter lies. I really don’t know how the cosmetics industry has survived the wrath of government consumer watchdogs. Perhaps Dove isn’t squeaky clean; but I’m just referring to my reaction to the ads that makes me want to learn more about their products and the company.

There will always be shallow, sheep-like consumers who care only about consumption, and happy being told what’s “in” and acceptable. There will always be people who on a subconscious level don’t mind being fooled as it allows them to hope and dream. I do believe though the numbers of people who would respond favorably to Dove-style campaigns will grow.

When it comes to ad overload, nothing beats the web. Ads are everywhere and standing out through being different yet believable is quite a challenge. I think people want to believe in advertising, but more are realizing they just don’t have any reason to; so they are relying more on word of mouth recommendations and reviews from peers.

Dove is addressing all these issues very, very well. Their campaign has also had a strong viral response and incorporates a high level of consumer involvement. Very clever folks.

The Dove campaign ads reminds me somewhat of the movie “Crazy People” when Dudley Moore came up with an interesting advertising slogan for Volvo. Watch and enjoy (warning: this isn’t for the kids):

OK, perhaps truth in advertising to that level is a little extreme, but I think there’s something in this for all of us who are attempting to hawk our wares :).


3 comments for Best. advertising campaign. ever.
  1. Er mazing adds
    Very high quality advertising.
    I had seen the third one, and thought it was the best add ever. But the dove adds are very classy indeed.

    Comment by Ern — October 13, 2007 @ 2:59 am

  2. Those Dove ads are great and very clever but knowing that Unilever, who own the Dove brand, also owns Lynx with their ads that are derogatory towards women, well, it just doesn’t sit square with me. One the one hand, they’re trying to empower women, on the other, sending a message to young men that women are sex crazed bimbos. Ironically, I buy Lynx and not Dove (I mean have you smelt women’s deodorants?!)

    Comment by Dan — October 16, 2007 @ 12:31 am

  3. Hey Dan, thanks for that info; I hadn’t made the connection. I used to like some of Lynx’s earlier ads, quite clever, but I agree they’ve gone a little over the top with the “Bom Chicka Wah Wah” campaign – it certainly does seriously conflict with Dove’s CRB goals. Knowing this has somewhat taken the shine off the Dove campaign for me.

    The web is a perfect platform to bring this to Unilever’s attention :).

    Given how word gets around about this sort of thing, companies are going to need to be really careful of this sort of imbalance in their marketing as it could certainly do their credibility some damage in a world with increasing numbers of net-savvy consumers.

    Comment by Michael Bloch — October 16, 2007 @ 5:01 am

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