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Banner clickthrough statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday May 15, 2007 )

A recent report from a survey of several billion banner impressions served on over four thousand sites reveals some interesting statistics on banner clickthroughs and overall trends in the last couple of years.

These statistics are for Europe; specifically, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Denmark and Finland between January and March 2007.

Pop-ups/ Layer 0.58%
Video Ads 4.64%
Button 2 (120×60) 0.05%
Skyscraper (120×600) 0.11%
Wide Skyscraper (160×600) 0.15%
Medium Rectangle (300×250) 0.20%
Fullsize (468×60) 0.20%
Leaderboard (728×90) 0.12%

Aside from video ads and popups; things look grim.

Additionally, here are some overall clickthrough statistics over the past couple of years from the same report by AdTech:

Nov. 2004 0.33%
March 2005 0.24%
June 2005 0.27%
Nov. 2005 0.23%
June 2006 0.35%
Sept. 2006 0.2%
Nov. 2006 0.19%
Dec. 2006 0.22%
March 2007 0.18%

Without the video ads, the overall banner clickthrough statistics from June 2006 onwards would be far worse. Consumers are becoming increasingly banner blind and I wonder how long before interest in video ads declines as they become more commonplace.

I think they’ll have some staying power given the amount of flexibility they offer; but I shudder to think how some of them will look as jaded surfers become harder to grab the attention of. Imagine landing on a page with 4 different video ads playing at once; all visible in a single screen – it will be like the animated banner shooting galleries of old and will likely induce seizures in some :). I also hate to think of the extra bandwidth that will be consumed globally just to deliver these rich media marketing presentations. The server market will no doubt benefit enormously from it.

It’s rather interesting though that the format everyone loves to hate – popups – continue to do comparitively well when stacked up against other traditional formats. I still find popups very valuable in substantially boosting subscription levels and for delivering special offers.


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