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Revenue option – banner networks

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday March 25, 2007 )

Contextual advertising such as Google AdSense has taken much of the limelight for affiliates and publishers as a revenue generating option in recent years; but there are other avenues to consider.

Remember the humble banner ad network? They are still around and the ones left standing nowadays offer far more functionality than they did in days of old.

As some site owners have discovered, Adsense/YPN and other contextual ad networks just don’t do so well on their sites for whatever reason; usually tied in with their site topic. MySpace resources sites come to mind – I’ve seen many owners of these sites quoting very high traffic, but very, very low income.

In cases such as these, it’s worthwhile considering some of the more well established banner ad networks. These days, banner ad agencies offer far more than just the standard 468×60 banners. There’s options such as pop-unders, in-vue ads, video, transitional advertising and buttons of all shapes and sizes.

The better agencies give you a great deal of control over what is displayed on your site and also default ad control. For example, if inventory of a particular ad you’re displaying runs out, you can specify a “house” ad – one of your own.

I’ve been associated with ValueClick for many years now (since 2002 under the FastClick brand, acquired by ValueClick in 2005) and can highly recommend them as a banner ad network.

They pay on time, every time, and there’s certainly no shortage of inventory – I was just checking my interface a short while ago and there’s over 200 different pop-under campaigns to choose from (you can select as many or as few as you like) and 600 banner ad campaigns currently. Setup and implementation of the ad codes is a snap – a few snippets of code copied and pasted and your done. Then it’s just a matter of which ads you’d like to appear in the spaces you’ve provided. ValueClick ensures that the best paying and performing ads you select are the ones that appear most often.

ValueClick is certainly well worthwhile a try if you’re getting traffic, but aren’t getting the revenue you’d like to achieve.

Learn more about banner networks as a revenue generation option.


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