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Merchants – some banner advice

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday April 1, 2007 )

Rich media, such as Flash, is great in so far as giving much more flexibility in banner ad creativity, but sometimes less is more.

For example, I recently joined an affiliate program and went to check out the banners on offer. Not one of them was under a hundred kilobytes! In cases such as these, there’s a very good chance that users would have scrolled past the banner before it even loaded.

Some of the best performing banners I’ve seen have been incredibly simple – and under 25kb. Animation on banners is a good idea to help catch the readers eye, but again it doesn’t need to be overly complex. Remember those flashing and shaking alert banners from a couple of years back that just stated “you have won a prize!”? These drew incredible click rates, particularly among the non-tech savvy.

I’m not suggesting you should use that style for advertising your goods and services; but don’t be fooled by some of what your competitors are doing; particularly those with big marketing budgets. Their flashy ads aren’t always dragging in the clicks. When it comes to marketing and advertising, megacorps are notorious for marketing budget wastage and it’s not unusual for them to run test campaigns that cost in the 5 figure range.

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