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Baby boomers want to build sites

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday April 19, 2006 )

While 71% of baby boomers (people aged 42 to 60) may not currently have a web site, a substantial number of them would consider creating one.

In a survey this year by Harris Interactive, carried out on behalf of; 61% of baby boomers who haven’t established a web presence stated they have an interest in creating a site.

The main issues holding them back are a perception of it being an expensive and/or complex task. This is quite interesting given the plethora of point and click tools now available for creating web sites.

I think part of the problem is the way that hosting services and software companies present themselves – they either come across as ultra corporate or as places where surprisingly large numbers of young, beautiful people hang out. Rarely do I see images of mature, ordinary folk on these sites.

The baby boomer market should not be ignored – according to an article on Mature Market, American boomers now a $2 trillion market and 10,000 baby boomers celebrate their 50th birthday each day. Let’s see – 10,000 x 50 years = wow, that’s a total of 5 million years of life experience being celebrated daily; the mind boggles!

Getting back on track – out of those baby boomers who don’t have a site:

34% stated they would consider creating a money-making web site.

24% would create a site as a hobby or pastime

24% would use a Web site to for communicating with family and friends

So, just in that “turning 50” example, there are approximately 4330 “new” people each and every day who have some interest in creating a web site. Taking into account the entire 18 year bracket that encapsulates the baby boomer demographic, it’s a huge market – one that appears to be pretty much under serviced – get into it, start marketing to these people :).


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