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Auto Play Sound Still A No-No

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday May 5, 2013 )

Don’t do it. Don’t let your advertisers do it either.It was 5.15am and my body was processing its first cup of coffee for the day. The house was quiet. I opened up a few browser windows to view some news items.

It’s one of the things I love about the web – reading news stories instead of having to put up with the drone or fake excitement of newsreaders on TV.

Then the peace was shattered by someone belting out a rendition of “knockin’ on heavens door”. I wasn’t sure which window it was emanating from, so I shut them all. Irritated by it, I decided to find out who was the culprit. It turned out to be associated with an ad.

Auto play audio was a no-no I learned back in 1998. People do not expect it on a standard sort of web page and I’ve seen folks literally recoil from their ‘puters when they encounter it.

With many people accessing the Internet from work, it can also be a signal to others that the person might not be doing what they should be. It’s not a great way to win friends or influence people.

I am yet to see any study that shows auto play audio helps to increase conversions or clicks. In fact, I’ve seen very few studies on the issue at all.

Anway, my advice is if you want someone to listen to something, find another way to do it. Even background music, however nice you think it is, can be highly irritating.

One thing is for sure – never let advertisers incorporate automated audio in their ads. I think you’ll find bounce rates increase if you let them do so.

Isn’t it enough that we bombard readers with banner shooting galleries? Auto play sound on ads really stretches the friendship.


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