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Affiliate marketing statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday February 4, 2007 )

A UK online marketing research company recently released statistics from a survey of over 1500 UK based affiliates.

The results make for very interesting reading and provide an insight into the lives and activities of this affiliate marketing segment.

Among the statistics provided in the 49 page E-Consultancy UK Affiliate Census Report:

– The 31-40 age bracket was most common at 34%

– 83% of respondents were male.

– 48% of affiliates held some sort of degree.

– 27% of respondents do affiliate marketing as a full time activity

– Of those, 35% work 10 hours a day or more in affiliate marketing

– 12% of respondents stated affiliate marketing was their sole source of income

– Nearly 50% of all affiliates earned earned under $1000 per year from affiliate marketing

– Where affiliate marketing was a full time job, 61% earned a minimum of $40,00 a year.

– 10% of full time affiliate respondents earned a whopping 1.5 million dollars in the last year.

– Search engine optimization was considered by 43% of affiliates as being the best strategy for gaining converting traffic.

– The most popular affiliate segments by industry were respectively: Travel / Flights, Entertainment and Music, Electrical goods, Computers / laptops / peripherals

– Just over half of the affiliates promote 10 advertisers or less.

Half of the affiliates surveyed also agreed that affiliate marketing was becoming more difficult over time. Only 11% disagreed.

In a nudge to affiliate program managers – one of the major reasons for affiliates not promoting merchants was because of ‘insufficient quality & quantity of links’.

I’d certainly agree with that – there’s been some programs I’ve signed up for where the creatives provided were so shocking and limiting that I’ve ignore the program altogether. If you run an affiliate program, I discuss this in greater depth in my article “what affiliates want“.

The E-consultancy UK affiliate census report I found encouraging – there’s still plenty of people out there making a living from affiliate marketing… and I’m most curious in learning who the affiliates are earning over 1.5 million bucks a year!

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