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Affiliate commission reversals

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday January 26, 2009 )

Commission reversals, like sales leaks, are just part and parcel of the affiliate game; all of us who have been involved with affiliate marketing for a while understand that. But…

.. debiting an affiliate’s account for eight hundred bucks without a word isn’t a really good way to keep a top partner promoting your services.

That sort of thing can really set off alarm bells for an affiliate and you may find them headed for the door; straight to your competitor.

That happened to me recently and while the reversal turned out to be legitimate, I had to chase it – something I shouldn’t have had to do.

Like I wasn’t going to notice that or even if I did, was just going to say “oh well, them’s the breaks”???

It’s just common sense really, reversing a commission for a few bucks probably won’t raise the ire of your affiliates, but when you start talking those sorts of numbers in relation to products that don’t experience a high fraud rate, it’s better the affiliate finds out directly from you rather than when they access their reports. It’s all a part of what affiliates want from a merchant and the added personal touch will help you build a stronger program.

Bear in mind; the top couple of percent of your affiliates will be responsible for the majority of your sales via that channel so it’s really not wise to piss them off :).

Even if the affiliate in question isn’t one of your top performers, that may change – and remember that affiliates talk among themselves – a story of a suddenly mission sizable chunk ‘o cash sends chills running down most affiliate’s spines.


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