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Affiliate management – keeping in touch

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday March 21, 2009 )

Here’s a quick tip for all you affiliate managers out there. Don’t forget to send out a regular newsletter. Affiliates, like yourself, are usually pretty busy folks running a stack of offers. If your products and services aren’t among their top performers, it’s quite likely you’ll be forgotten.

Maybe you had a bumpy start to your affiliate program or hit a rough patch for a while – but things have changed. Perhaps you’ve upgraded interfaces or added new features. Don’t expect your affiliates to discover this kind of thing on their own. Let your affiliates know – those who understand how to promote products will recognize the positive changes and may give your company better coverage.

In your newsletter you should be mentioning new product lines, ideas for promotion, top converting creatives etc; rather than just “promote us and make a bundle messages”. Affiliates need tools to work with, not fluff. Through their years of experience, they are wary of wild claims of income potential. In fact, the type of affiliates you’ll attract with excessive puffery are probably the ones you don’t really want.

An affiliate partner newsletter doesn’t have to be a weekly affair either – I think monthly is the best way to go as bombarding affiliates with information can be counter-productive.

Also use a newsletter as an opportunity to ask for feedback on how to improve your program. You may have affiliates that have been in the affiliate marketing industry for far longer than your company has been; so draw on this potential treasure trove of marketing experience.

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