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Adwords oddness

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday May 11, 2009 )

I was messing around in Google this evening and came across an odd behavior – whether it was a glitch or a new feature in Adwords, I’m not sure.

I ran a search on the term “buy lawn mower” and the appropriate Adwords ads came up. Then I ran a search on “buy solar panels” and ads came up for solar panels… and lawn mowers. A search on “buy car battery” brought up ads for car batteries.. and lawn mower batteries. A search on “buy torch” brought up torch ads, lawn mower ads and solar torch ads. Some behavioral targeting tinkering perhaps?

Also in my forays, I think I hit the shortest Adwords ad ever too. Keep it simple as the old saying goes and as far as Adwords is concerned, this is about as brief as it gets.

I was running a finance related search and this popped up in the Adwords results

Instant Cash Advance

Certainly caught my eye. I’d be really curious to find out the clickthrough rate on the ad – I reckon it would be pretty high.

Google Adwords doesn’t really give you a lot of space to play with, but even the X characters allowed doesn’t mean you need to use them all – but that’s what most marketers do. The ads all tend to read the same way – best deals, big discounts, top quality, save big, fast shipping etc. etc. etc.

Perhaps you can make your ad stand out from the pack in a similar fashion. Give it a whirl.


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