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Advanced DHTML popup

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday November 30, 2007 )

The free hover ad generator on TTB has been really popular, but if you’re looking for something with more features, take this application for a spin.

While popup/hover ads get a bit of a bad rap – they were, are and will continue to be highly effective for the forseeable future. It’s all in the execution – I’ve published a series of tips in my article: Using popups to increase subscriptions and many of the tips also apply if you want to use a popup for increasing sales.

The free hover ad generator here on Taming the Beast gets a good workout – thanks to all who have provided feedback. The TTB generator is a good starting point to try out hover ads on your site, but if you’re looking for a more professional, flexible .. and umm, heh, a less cumbersome application for creating hover ads, I highly recommended Advanced DHTML popup – it’s what I’ve been using on some of the sites I’ve been working with recently with much success.

Advanced DHTML popup is packed full of features, wonderful transition and display effects, there’s a high degree of control of when, where and how your popup ads will display, it comes with a stack of templates (or use your own), is very easy to use, very economically priced and you can trial it for free.

Advanced DHTML popup is compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Linux konqueror; which covers around 99% of the browser usage out here I guess :). The popups can’t be blocked by the usual popup killers.

Joe (software author) is currently running a special offer on the application, so get in quick – I’ve pointed him to this post so hopefully he’ll keep the deal running for a few days more :). By the way, you get free upgrades as they become available and if you do grab a copy and ever need support or have questions, Joe is highly responsive – it’s been a pleasure dealing with him.


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