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Ad saving service – AdKeeper

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday December 19, 2010 )

I have to admit there’s been a few times when I wished I could save an advertisement without interrupting what I was doing – and that’s exactly what AdKeeper does.

Beta launched in October, the service consists of two parts – a “Keeper” button and the Keeper service.

When a Keeper button on a banner ad or similar is clicked on, the ad is copied into a personal Keeper where it can be viewed later by Joe Surfer. This process is seamless, the person never leaves the page they are on. 

In the Keeper, the person can also sort and organize their ads, and of course in this age of social media – share ads if they wish.

AdKeeper says the ‘click to keep’ button will not trigger any other ad and the ads will be held confidentially in each consumer’s Keeper.

Adkeeper wants to “put a Keep Button on every ad on the Internet” and will be formally launching in 2011. AdKeeper has a charter program, with various levels – the introductory level is free for the first 3 quarters of 2011 and offers 50% discount on the final quarter. I wasn’t able to find pricing on AdKeeper’s site, but they say “modest CPMs, CPCs and CPAs will be charged for impressions and actions taken within the Keeper.”

I really think this service could work – assuming of course the Keeper service sends out regular reminders about the ads a consumer may have in their interface. We live in an ADD-type world now and unless we’re flagged about something we tend to.. oooh, look, a butterfly!

… get distracted :).

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