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Ad Clicking Often A Matter Of Trust

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday October 4, 2011 )

A recent survey of nearly a thousand people found 21% don’t click on online ads as they being hit with a computer virus and another 17% stated they don’t trust ads to be truthful.

Untruthful ads? Say it isn’t so.

The latest JustAsk! survey on advertising attitudes from Crowd Science also revealed this very interesting bit of info – among the non-ad-clickers, 22% of mails and 10% of females indicate it’s because they don’t want to navigate away from the page.

Google, take note.

While I enjoy the income from AdSense, folks leaving my sites when they click on ads is something I’ve never really liked for obvious reasons, and now there’s good reason for ad networks to reconsider this aspect too.

Other findings from Crowd Survey’s survey reaffirm the vast majority of people will tolerate ads if it means they can access content for free. Only 6% of those surveyed stated they would be willing to pay to use a favorite site if it meant the site was free of advertising.

Two-thirds said they had clicked or acted on an ad in the past six months and of those, college graduates were more likely to have done so than those with a high school education or less.

Humor certainly seems to have a place in advertising, with 14% saying they clicked on an ad because it was amusing. Whether they meant funny ha-ha or funny strange isn’t clear.

39% of those who clicked on an online ad did so because the ad triggered them to consider acquiring the item, another 39% because they were already considering it.

Interestingly, the survey found 76% of those aged 55 or older had clicked on online ads during the preceding six months, compared to just 58% of those in the 15-24 year old age bracket.

Close to 50% of all surveyed agreed they didn’t like being shown ads irrelevant to them.

You can read more on the JustAsk! survey here.


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